Manual Coffee Grinder

£ 105.00 GBP

The Shasta coffee grinder has been milled from solid aluminium and stainless steel to obtain precisely ground coffee. The grinder mechanics allows for a wide range of settings to grind coffee beans extra-fine for espresso, medium ground for dripping, or coarsely ground, ideal for a French press style of brewing. The textured body acts as a grip when turning the handle. Dual ball bearings stabilise the central axis to evenly grind the beans. Stainless steel metal blades will stay sharp for years of use. The finely adjustable grinding mechanism has been made by accurate computer-controlled CNC manufacturing. An object to enjoy using for years to come.

Materials: Aluminium ( body) Stainless steel ( axis & blade), Walnut ( knob).
Dimensions: 155 x 150 x 55 mm diam (Body)