G-Type Soy Sauce Dispenser

£ 18.00 GBP

The G Type soy sauce dispenser is representative of Shirayama Pottery and has won the prestigious G mark (Good Design Award) in Japan. The pot features a specially designed spout that gently curves to help prevent drips and spills. The lid is the most ingenious part as it features a hole that can be covered with the index finger to precisely control the amount of liquid that comes out. While intended for pouring soy sauce, the pot can also be used for oil, vinegar, and other dressings. A pleasurable object to use as it has been carefully considered to the last detail.

Material: Porcelaine.
Designer : Masahiro Mori.
Care: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
Origin: Nagasaki, Japan.
Capacity: 150cc (5 fl oz)
Dimensions: Width 68 mm x Height 90 mm


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