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Kai Kitchen Scissors

£ 42.00 GBP

This type of scissors are a favourite in Japan for trimming herbs, salads, meats and nori (edible seaweed). Made by Kai in Japan this robust and easy-to-wash all-stainless steel kitchen scissors are forged which makes them close to indestructible. Forging the stainless steel achieves higher hardness and corrosion resistance than other steel forming manufacturing processes. The blades come apart for easy cleaning and sharpening. A precise mechanism integrated in the pivot keep the blades tight for cutting. An area with fine serration on the tip of the blade that makes it difficult for the object to be cut to slip. Probably the last pair of scissors that you would need to buy.

Origin: Japan.
Material: Forged stainless steel
Dimensions: 207 X 75 X h12mm


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